A Coastal Farm Oasis: The Pond & Paddock Experience

Life often seems like a never-ending whirlwind, doesn’t it? Between the daily grind and the constant buzz of modern life, finding a true escape can be a real challenge. But let me share a recent gem of an experience with you – my tranquil farm stay near the coast.

So, here’s the scoop: I found myself in a charmingly renovated, rural property complete with modern amenities nestled in Yandina, only a 10 minutes drive from Coolum Beach.

The property was surrounded by rolling green hills and lush fields adorned with abundant fruit trees. Every day I was able to embark on the most leisurely strolls during my stay there. My kids had the best time running wild in the fields and indulging in ball games galore!

Now, you might be wondering how I spent my days with the family apart from photographing the gorgeous property I had the luxury of staying at (have I mentioned they have the cosiest beds?). We ate at the various cafes and hung out at Coolum Beach obviously. We wandered through the bustling Eumundi market. We visited the Ginger Factory, the kids have been asking for awhile to return there, whilst I secretly longed for Ginger ice cream.

When we weren’t out and about, I sipped coffee on the farmhouse porch to watch the sunrise, with the sounds of nature added to my backdrop, while the kids smashed their breakfast and run around on the deck. Imagine the sounds of birds chirping and cattle grazing. My biggest highlight was to also to bid adieu to the sun when it sets behind the beautiful Mount Ninderry. I would sit on the deck (it is also complete with a BBQ!) with my kids to admire this beautiful sight. And did I forget to mention the amazing fire pit that we could sit around and enjoy our conversations? I instantly felt the stresses of life melt away.

In a world that never seems to slow down, it was such a precious opportunity to disconnect, unwind, and experience the beauty of nature. If you’re yearning for an unforgettable farm stay escape, I highly consider staying at one just like this (AirBnB Link – please note this is an unsponsored post), especially in Sunny coast. I was definitely left with a renewed sense of wonder. Psssst, did you know this place accepts pets too?

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