Living the Dream: A Sneak Peek into Our Byron Bay Getaway Haven

I’m still pinching myself over the recent jaw-dropping Magnolia House (so immaculately curated by the Salty Doors) that I had the pleasure to experience – trust me, it’s the stuff beyond our wildest (in an amazing way) dreams are made of!

Interior Delights that Whisper Welcome

As I set foot in to the Magnolia House, it was like stepping into a coastal fairy tale. The place was the epitome of old meets new, fused in the most timeless and elegant way. It adorned an interior that winked at beachy vibes without overdoing it.

Picture this: The living area was an inviting sanctuary, complete with plushest couch and chairs that seemed to say, “Sink into me and unwind!”. But what really stole the show was the seamless blend of textures – think soft throw pillows, rustic wooden accents (and ancient beams tracing the ceilings). It you’ve heard me more than enough times, you’ll know by now that textures play a super important role at making interior photographs pop!

Kitchen Dreams and Culinary Feats

Now, let’s talk kitchen goals. This place was more than just a cooking space; it was a canvas for culinary adventures. Sleek countertops provided ample room for meal prep, while a fully stocked pantry with spice and condiments galore inspired promises of delectable dishes. But what caught my eye was the artfully arranged open shelving, showcasing an array of gorgeous green vines and kitchen ornaments that simply worked together.

Bedroom Bliss for the Snooze Lover

After a day of being out and about Byron Bay (the difficulty, not!), nothings beats retreating to the stunning master bedroom. It was like sinking into a cloud of dreams, with luxurious linens that practically begged for afternoon naps (not that I could do so very often with young kids around). I was spoilt for choice though. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to treat myself to mini-spa haven by soaking in their statement piece claw-foot tub, or simply sit and immerse myself in to a book in their most comfy couch in the “Parent’s Retreat”

Outdoorsy Vibes and Al Fresco Feasts

Stepping onto the outdoor terrace was like entering a whole new world of relaxation. It was the breeding ground for leisurely and deep conversations with friend and family. How could I forget to mention the gorgeous pool that came attached with a hot spa? Framed by lush greenery, it was the perfect spot for sunset wine and starlit dips; even in “winter”.

Snaps of an Unforgettable Stay

I’m just going to leave it here with some snaps of this breathtaking Magnolia House that stole my heart.

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