5 Must-Have Photos in Interior Design: Capturing the Essence of a Space

Not trying to diss the regular real estate photos, but honestly. How do you make them a bit more interesting and visually appealing? Here are my top five essential photos that I love to incorporate as part of my gallery. 

  1. The Grand Entrance: The beginning of it all. The entrance sets the tone for the entire space. Nothing beats the showcase of a warm and welcoming photo of an entryway. Show off the architectural details, the play of light and shadows, and any unique features on offer. 
  1. The Showstopper: Every interior design project will surely have a feature that steals the show! It’ll be a crime not to highlight this. Look for elements to sub-frame this main subject. This will help to capture its significance and impact on the overall design. 
  1. The Cozy Nook: Nothing beats creating a sense of intimacy and comfort by capturing a cozy nook or reading corner. This photo evokes a feeling of relaxation. It invites viewers to envision themselves curling up in that inviting space with a good book or a warm cuppa!
  1. The Textural Delight: I sound like a broken record, but texture is such an underutilised element in photography! I truly believe texture does wonders at adding depth and character to any interior design. Capture the details that make the space come alive, such as exposed brick walls, intricately patterned tiles, or luxurious fabric textures. Zoom in on these elements and use close-up shots to showcase the intricate details that make the design unique.
  1. The Outdoor Connection: Especially if you’re in sunny Brisbane (where I am!),  or wherever you are, there’s no denying the al fresco love! Be sure to showcase the connection of your space with the outdoors if there’s one. You’ll be sure to attract lots of viewers (or even guests!) with this one. Especially when you’re able to successfully capture the harmonious relationship between indoor and outdoor! To be honest, I’d love a good dreary day photo of a property as well, you’d be surprised at the interesting mood and vibes that can be evoked from a dark and moody photo of a property or space too!

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