Behind the Scenes of Em & Kristof’s Wedding: Amplifying your Visual Storytelling Game

Not my usual gig these days, but I must admit I do miss my past life as a wedding photographer. Thus, I couldn’t help but share some behind the scenes of a wedding I had recently photographed at the stunning Wild Canary Bistro. Who would’ve thought my favourite brunch place would host weddings!

The gorgeous bride and groom, Em & Kristoff, had wanted to include their furry family member to their wedding album. In this blog post, we’ll go behind the scenes of their portrait session. The following are some storytelling tips to create memorable images and ensure a stress-free experience for everyone involved!

Pre-Session Preparation

Before the wedding day, communicate with the couple to understand their vision and expectations. They communicated their dog’s role in the photo shoot and any specific shots they have in mind. I recalled their dog’s friendly temperament from an engagement session, it was. Obviously, the venue had selection was obviously dog-friend and provided the most comfortable setting for such a photoshoot to take place, at the Pullenvale Recreational Reserve, just a stone’s throw away from Wild Canary. Fortunately, the Wild Canary Bistro was my local I was also able to do a location scout and planning prior to the actual wedding day.

Storytelling through Candid Moments

There’s nothing more beautiful than preserving the authentic and candid moments to portray couple’s love for each other, as well as their precious bond with their dog. It wasn’t difficult to encourage the couple to interact naturally with their furry friend. These genuine interactions make for heart-warming images that reflect their adorable connection with one another!

Patience and Flexibility

Although Em & Kristoff’s dog was a dear to work with, we should always be prepared to be patient and flexible. Be prepared to adapt to their needs and behaviour. Allow breaks for the dog to rest and provide treats or toys to keep them engaged and happy. Allow the couple time to relax and enjoy the experience, ensuring a stress-free environment for everyone involved. 

Keep Open Communication & Seek Support

To boot with the seamless photography experience, Em and Kristoff had invited two of their amazing animal lover friends to help care for their dog while the couple had their photos taken. Obviously maintain open communication with the couple throughout the photoshoot. Regularly check in with them and address any concerns. Take breaks if needed. After all you will want your subjects to look comfortable and as natural possible in front of the lens!

Timing and Lighting

Did I say golden hour? I’ll say it again, golden hour! That magical time just before sunset. I cannot resist the dreamy, soft and warm lighting on offer during this time. It can seriously enhance the overall atmosphere of the photos! If possible, I always like to encourage the couples portrait session to take place during this time. Then try to arrange the wedding timeline to accommodate everything else around this, if possible!

I’m going to end this post with a few more irresistible moments from the day of this amazing loved up couple (plus one)!

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